Apis Candles - a Mark T. Durst & Sons company, LLC.
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                   ~Always Pure and Natural~
     As a family owned Apiary, we know exactly where our beeswax comes from and can guarantee its purity. Our wax is never treated with chemicals, never bleached. It is lightly filtered and ready to become a beautiful, natural, long burning candle.
 All of our candles are carefully crafted by hand from 100% beeswax with pure cotton wicks and never contain any petroleum byproducts (paraffin).
     Enjoy our Natural Collection or our scented Container Candle  Collection, below. 
WA state sales tax is included in the listed price.
Natural Beeswax Collection
6 pk tealites
Pure beeswax candles in clear plastic cups provide hours of ambience. Burn time: 10 hours Can be ordered without cups (naked) on special request.
Price: $7.60
6 Beehive Votives
A sweet set of old-fashioned beehives (known as a skep) poured from pure, honey-scented, beeswax. Burn time: 15 hours
Price: $10.87
6 pk of Votives
These golden beeswax votives are 2 inches tall and fit most votive holders. Burn time: 15 hours
Price: $10.87
6 in Modern Taper-Coming Soon
This modern looking taper holds it own providing big, beautiful, bright candlelight for an evening party or dinner.Burn time:40-60 minutes per inch. Beeswax candles are smokelss and dripless under normal (draft free) conditions.
Price: $3.26
8 inch Dinner Taper
Looks great in every candleholder! Enjoy the slow burn of our naturally beautiful and perfectly behaved dinner candles (We can't make promises about the guests).Burn time:40-60 minutes per inch. Beeswax tapers are smokeless and dripless under normal (draft-free) conditions.
Price: $4.35
9.5 inch Colonial style Taper
Our most popular taper offers an evening of beautiful, bright candlelight. It is easy to see why they are so popular as you enjoy the slow burn of Beeswax tapers that are dripless, and smokeless in normal (draft-free) conditions. Burn time:40-60 minutes per inch
Price: $5.43
Small Pillar Set
Pure Beeswax Pillar set comes with 1 -6 inch and 2-3 inch candles.
Price: $22.83
Container Candle Collection
We have some new scents.  The new Coconut Lime adds a citrusy kick to the sweet smell of coconut; infused with essential oils, it is bright and summery. Cucumber Sage is  herbaceuous, this fresh scent is blended with lavender and chamomile notes as well. And last, Grapefruit, is fruity and fun.      Enjoy.....
8 oz Mason Jar with Pewter lid-Sold Out
Our smaller container candles are a great addition to any room. Bring your favorite scent to a smaller space and they still have all the benefits of slow-burning beeswax . Burn time 45-60 hours
Price: $16.22
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16 oz Mason Jar with Pewter lid-Sold Out
The largest of our container candles can easily fill your larger rooms with your favorite scent. And since it is beeswax, it lasts and lasts and lasts..... Burn time:80-100 hours
Price: $21.74
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6 pk Scent Blox-Sold Out
6 pure beeswax blocks in your favorite scent (see product options). Perfect for any flameless warmer. Popular in offices and areas where an open flame is not appropriate.
Price: $5.43
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Why Beeswax?
  • Beeswax has many benefts besides its natural origin. It produces a brighter light than paraffin, burns slower, and produces less smoke if the wick is properly trimmed (1/4 inch).
  • Many people who have allergies to paraffin candles are able to enjoy beeswax candles without similar symptoms.
  • Beeswax is a natural, renewable resource.
  • We do not bleach or chemically treat our beeswax. Natural beeswax can vary in color depending on the type of vegetation and flora available to the bees (similar to honey), ranging from a soft yellow to a darker gold. This variation creates unique products that reflect the natural origin of the product.
Handcrafted oak and maple candle holder. Special order item.
Notes on the Care and Feeding of your Beeswax Candle.....
Beeswax candles perform best when their wick is trimmed to 1/4 of an inch prior to burning.
For container candles, allow the candle to create a wax pool across the entire surface on its first burn to increase the life of your candle.
Beeswax is a harder wax, and may require a slightly longer time for the wick to light (develop a wax pool to feed the wick). We highly recommend a lighter with a handle, especially for larger container candles.
Please use caution when burning  any candle, making sure that  it is on a level and fire resistant surface, away from anything that can catch fire.
Always burn your candles within sight and never burn for longer than 4 hours.